Stop Giving Your Soul to Github

Managing translation files by hand sucks. Did you ever get a broken YAML or JSON file back from a client? How about copying translation changes from emails and word documents into your project’s translation files? Or did you go through a time consuming set up of a third party service just so that your client did not have to get their hands dirty with Github?

If your project is too small to get a professional agency involved to manage the content for you, you have probably experienced at least one of the above, and it sucks. Big time. I can't even remember all the times a single tab instead of double space in some YAML file cost me part of my soul, and I know I’m not alone.

Think about it. The time you’ve already spent working on Github projects must amount to several working days of lost time, at least. (Not to mention how much time you’ll spend over the course of your career.)


Want a smooth way to edit content on Github?

We know translations, page text, and book manuscripts can be a pain. Actually, anything that needs collaborative editing on Github can be a hassle. Non-technical volunteers or clients can find it daunting or make things worse. Not anymore! Want in?

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Here’s How it Works

You spend about 2 minutes setting the service up. On the upfront end, your clients use their Facebook or Google account to log into a nice, clean editor. They get to stay away from Github entirely! Best of all for you? The pull requests await you in an orderly fashion when a new section of content or translation is done. You simply merge and let the CD pipeline push it to staging for approval.

That’s it. No hassle, no headaches, no soul crushing revision sucking hours from your life. Is there a better feeling? We can’t think of one. Still wondering if this is for you?


Think it Sounds Too Good to Be True?

With Bhasa it is as easy as one, two, three (four):


Log into Bhasa using your Github account, connect it to a repository and tell it what branch to open PRs against.


 Verify that Bhasa found your translation files correctly or totally customise the mappings. 


Invite your customer to Bhasa's simple, intuitive editing interface using their existing social accounts and let them edit to their heart’s content.


When they are done editing the edits are packed up and delivered as a pull request. Just marvel and merge. (You are welcome.)


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You will not get; spam, your information revealed to a third party, viruses or a new car. Well, at least not from us ...

Is this for me?

 Got your stuff on Github? Do you loosely fit any of these personas? Then chances are excellent that Bhasa can do it for you as well! 


You are developing or maintaining apps where the text content changes independent of the code, and usually not by your hand.

The text is stored in some kind of flat file, YAML or JSON, something like that, and the intended editors of this are not what you would call tech savvy, or maybe they are, but they would like a better workflow.

What you really want is something that makes your life easier while not stranding anyone else.


Get a set and forget, one-time setup and the editors get several tools to help them in their work; a great editor, automatic suggestions of translations, statistics on their work. After that, you are back to merging PRs like nobody’s business.

(And that’s just the way we like it!)


You burn for open source and manage one project or more. Getting the technical help is a solved problem, but the text content could use some serious help.

Getting developers interested in writing user documentation or contributing to the text content is a lost cause. Like you, they would rather spend time with the code.

What you need is something that makes the technical barrier of Github a non-issue for prospective content contributors.


Invite people using normal social accounts, like Facebook or Google, and let anyone loose on the content without risking a thing on the technical side. You get what you want by giving them what they want. Oh, and open source projects will be free on Bhasa.

(And that’s just the way we like it!)


Even if Github started out as a platform by developers for developers, it has now grown far beyond that.

Books, legal documents, contracts and entire sites are now hosted as collaborative projects on Github.

This is amazing! But, and you know it, you could get a lot more people interested if the technical barrier was lower. Whatever content project it is that you manage, Github is limiting your reach, but it doesn't have to.


To reach everyone. With nice editors for several common types of work, translating, editing, writing, Bhasa gives you great appeal outside the tech crowd and makes it easier for anyone to contribute.

(And that’s just the way we like it!)

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