Bhasa API for all your
speech-to-text needs

Convert your live and recorded conversations into indexable and searchable text.

Get Real-Time and Async transcription done accurately despite noisy backgrounds, mixed accents, and technical vocabulary!

Easy-to-use API

Use your favourite language to transcribe your audio streams and recordings. Get busy with Bhasa’s speech-to-text API in just a few minutes!

Incredibly fast.

Get real-time transcription with very low latency. The output is instantaneous as you speak, unlike the other systems that process only after the speaker pauses.

Very accurate.

Get industry-leading transcription accuracy on your conversations with Bhasa’s API. Transcribe noisy outdoorsy audio like the noise never even existed!

Supports multiple languages

Get the Bhasa API working for you in all the major languages. Get consistent results irrespective of the numerous dialects across these languages.

Speaker Separation.

Are your conversations recorded as multi-channel audio for speaker separation? Bhasa API handles any number of channels without a hitch!

Speech-to-text API for different requirements

Bhasa is the Ideal Companion for People in a Wide Range of Professions.
Use Our State-of-the-Art Technology for Help in a Range of Tasks, From Personal Projects to Work Tasks.
Web Meetings
Want to have your web meetings indexed and made searchable? By feeding in the participant names, relevant keywords, and brand names, get highly accurate transcript logs of your meetings.
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Phone calls
Your sales and support calls are a treasure trove of intel. Bhasa's API can help you monitor both the standards of your tele-calling agents and the perspectives of your prospects and customers.
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Live Transcription
Looking for live transcription of conversations to improve understanding and accessibility on your meeting software? Let Bhasa elevate the comprehension standards with blazingly fast transcription!
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Voice Assistance
Looking to enhance the experience for your users with an option to use voice to control the bots and messaging features in your tool? Let Bhasa's API power this seamless experience for your users!
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Detection of custom Names, Numbers, Dates, etc.

People, places, and brands have much diversity in naming. They are also a significant source of errors in automatic transcription. But Bhasa can help you get them right in the correct formatting.


Profanity control

Choose to control profanity levels in the transcript logs. Bhasa can identify even custom offensive expressions and have them masked to ensure that the logs meet your organisational standards.

Timestamp and confidence scores

Get accurate timestamps for your conversations. Also, choose to receive confidence scores of the words predicted by Bhasa’s speech-to-text API.


Multilingual [Coming soon]

With a Global workforce targetting a Global market, conversations in enterprises are bound to get multilingual. Bhasa can help transcribe these multilingual conversations without a hitch!

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