Accurate Automatic
Dictation Technology

State of The Art software for the most Accurate and Easy to use Dictation. Let Bhasa save you time and money with High-Quality, Real-time Transcription.

Easy to Use Real-time Speech to Text Converter

Bhasa Uses the Latest in Transcription Technology That Transcribes Audio to Text Quickly and Easily.

Allows Natural Speech

With Bhasa, you won’t face the frustration of speaking slowly so the software can understand you. Instead, Bhasa will clearly understand when you speak naturally, making transcriptions faster and easier to create. Using natural speech also helps make it easier for others to listen to your recordings.


Accurate Speech to Text

Bhasa is 5-10% more accurate than leading competitors, helping to reduce the time you spend making corrections. Bhasa can also understand any accent, no matter how thick or obscure it might be, while it can also recognize and understand multiple accents at once.


Improved Punctuation

Our state-of-the-art software can detect accurate punctuation, meaning your transcriptions catch more context. While our competitors use NLP for punctuation, Bhasa uses voice modulation for better results.


Dictate on the Go

Dictate your musings on the go with Bhasa, helping ensure you don’t miss a single gem of a thought. Not only can you use Bhasa anywhere with a mobile browser, but it will also work in noisy environments.

Ideal for Various Dictation Needs

Bhasa is the Ideal Companion for People in a Wide Range of Professions.
Use Our State-of-the-Art Technology for Help in a Range of Tasks, From Personal Projects to Work Tasks.
Academic Note Taking
Our powerful dictation tools can help academics record notes and thoughts for later reference. Bhasa can also also understand niche terminology, meaning it doesn’t miss a thing.
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Document Preparation
Need help preparing documents? Bhasa could be a godsend. Not only will Bhasa help you complete your task faster, but it can also help ensure your documents are accurately prepared with all the necessary information present.
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Personal Notes
If you have something on your mind or are trying to work through a personal task, you will be grateful for Bhasa’s assistance. You can also use Bhasa on the go, which is ideal for people with busy lifestyles.
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Bhasa is also perfect for interviews, helping researchers and journalists get all the information they wanted. You can even take Bhasa with you to interviews helping ensure you have all the tools you need for a professional job.
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Improved Detection of Names, Places, and Dates, etc

Bhasa offers better detection of names, places, and dates than our competitors. This means easier-to-follow manuscripts and less time spent making corrections.


Safe and Secure

Record your ideas in the knowledge your information is safe and secure. Save your transcripts in a safe place to help ensure your innermost thoughts and sensitive data remain private.

Easy to Use

We have made Bhasa as easy to use as possible to make getting high-quality dictations a pleasure. Create an account and Bhasa will be ready and waiting for use whenever you need a quick and accurate dictation of your thoughts.



You can personalize your Bhasa account to help ensure it delivers what you need. Customization options include changing the formats for currency and dates, etc. You can also delete filler words like uhms and ahs, helping make a transcript that flows well and is easy to follow.

A pricing plan for everyone!



For individuals that need near human level accuracy in a fraction of time.

$0 / month


Professional Dic

For Podcasters, Lecturers, Youtubers & professionals that need more.

$30 / month



Multiple seats, workflows management, access control & much more.

From $100 / month