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Hindi Transcription

Several challenges arise when transcribing Hindi audio to text. Let’s look at the prominent ones.

Dialects & Accents

One of the main challenges of Hindi transcription is the number of dialects grouped under the umbrella term Hindi. Some of the more common dialects include Bhojpuri, Braj, Bundeli, Chhattisgarhi, Awadhi, and Khariboli, apart from Suddh Hindi. Each dialect has its unique pronunciation, vocabulary differences, and usage of phrases. The number of Hindi accents spoken across the sub-continent also adds to the diversity problem. Hence, it is challenging for the transcriber if they are unfamiliar with the accent or the dialect.

Loan words

Words borrowed from another language and widely used in the local language are called Loan Words. A few examples of Loan words in Hindi are below.

  • The word ‘भाषा/ Bhasa’ is from Sanskrit, meaning Language.
  • ‘शहर/ Shahar’ is from Persian, meaning City.
  • ‘जुमा/ Jumma’ is from Arabic, meaning Friday.
  • The word ‘मोबाइल/ Mobile’ is used commonly.

Various Hindi speech dialects have internalized loan words from different languages. People unfamiliar with a particular dialect or a language of loanword origin may find specific loan words challenging to understand.

The Bilingual Problem

There is a growing trend in the usage of English words and phrases in Hindi media content. This trend owes to the surging popularity of the English language and the ever-increasing number of bilingual households in India. Unlike loan words which are borrowed and culturally internalized, usage of English is beyond just the terminologies and brand names. Without a rigorous multilingual transcription process, organizations and individuals find it challenging to handle the transcription of routine Hindi audio.

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