Convert Audio & Video Into Text!

Get the most accurate automated transcription of
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How It Works

Bhasa brings you the most powerful transcription AI engine to convert your audio content into text.


Upload your audio file. Bhasa supports mp3, wav formats. Or you can also use Youtube links.


Bhasa automatically transcribes your video into text after stripping out the speech from the video.


Edit the transcript with an easy to use editor. Helps preserve the timestamps while making corrections.


When you are done with the corrections, Download the transcript in the format of your choice.

Why Bhasa

Transcription services universally offer underwhelming accuracy levels on audio to text conversion.
Here’s how Bhasa addresses the problem.

Accents no bar!

Bhasa automatically identifies the closest acecnt for each speaker in a conversation and extracts the best output for their voice!

We’ve put years of our ASR and NLP research into outperforming all accent specific models. Delivers you stunning accuracy levels!

Fine-tuned model
Multilingual Bhasa

Get Multilingual With Bhasa!

Transcription services  claiming support to over 30 languages is not just boring news, that’s abusing the word Multilingual! Here’s how we define Multilingual.

Bhasa’s the 1st commercial transcription AI that can handle bilingual audio! English + French, Hindi + English and more, on scale!

Controls Like Never Before!

Gets on our own nerves listening to Fillers (ah, eh, umm) in our own audio, doesn’t it. It’s just so much worse when editing them out of the transcript.

Which is why Bhasa lets you choose before hand to keep or ignore fillers, non-vocalised sounds, etc. Your audio, you control the output!

User Control
Bhasa Editor

Closing Out The Transcripts

Proofreading transcripts is a pain? No more! Use Bhasa’s transcription editor for rapid last mile corrections.

Speaker diarization, Auto punctuation, Subtitle generation, Version control et all the standard fare. Download as Youtube Captions or in many other formats.


How To Leverage Bhasa

Bhasa’s audio to text and video to text conversion can be used in multiple ways. From dictation to conversations in professional and casual settings, here are scenarios Bhasa can assist you with.

choose your plan

our pricing

    • Basic

      • 100 minutes a month
      • 50 minutes/conversation
      • Non-priority Conversion
      • Multi Channel Audio
      • Multiple seats
    • Personal


      • Free Plan Features +
      • 6000 minutes a month
      • Upto 600 minutes a file
      • Conversion in 2 minutes
      • Multi Channel Audio
      • Multiple seats
    • Professional


      • Personal Plan Features +
      • Conversion in 30 seconds
      • Speaker Identification
      • Multi Channel Audio
      • Auto select models for speakers
    • Enterprise

      • Custom models
      • API Access

Frequently Asked Questions is a fully secure service. All your data sent between your device and the service is end to end encrypted. The transcripton is completely automated with no manual intervention anywhere.

Create a new transcription. Instead of uploading a file, provide the Youtube link. Bhasa will have the video transcription generated for you. You can download the transcript and upload the same to Youtube as captions.

Absolutely. The accent specific models offered by us or by any other service can only so far. This is why Bhasa lets you train the speech recognition AI to your voice. This helps Bhasa provide significantly more accurate conversion of your speech to text.

That’s quite simple. Pick up an appropriate subscription. Upload some files on which you want Bhasa to train on. Choose which voices you want to train for. That’s it, Bhasa will take care of the rest!

You can have Bhasa train on multiple voices, if you want. Even otherwise Bhasa trained on one or more voices is unperturbed while working on any new voice you want transcribed.

Convert Audio & Video
Into Text!

Let’s get your audio conversations converted into readable and searchable text.
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