Convert audio & video into text!

Get the most accurate automated transcription of your meetings, interviews, and video files!


How it works

Bhasa brings you the most powerful transcription AI engine to convert your content in audio format into text.


Create any number of custom models with just 5 minutes of annotated audio-text.


Upload your audio or video file. Bhasa supports mp3, mp4, wav formats.


Use domain specific transcription models or even your own models to convert the audio.


Edit the generated transcript with an incredibly easy to use transcription editor.

Why Bhasa

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Best speech to text AI

Years of our ASR and NLP research delivers you generic & custom models that ace 95% accuracy levels for very thick accents.

Accents no bar! Got a unique accent? No problem! Train your own custom speech to text models with very little effort!

For a multilingual world

Choose your audio or video file’s language from over 30 language and dialect options that Bhasa supports!

First ever transcription AI that can handle bilingual audio! English + French, Hindi + English and more!

Take Control like never before!

Want fillers (ah, eh, umm), background noises to be included in the transcript? British or American spellings? Your options, you control!

Track changes across multiple versions of the same audio transcript. Track even the qualitative and quantitative measures!

A Good Closing to your transcripts

Proofreading transcripts is a pain? No more! Use Bhasa’s transcription editor for rapid last mile corrections.

Speaker identification, Auto punctuation, Subtitle generation et all the standard fare.

what you get

How our customers use Bhasa

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Medical data
Conference calls
Video / mp3 to text conversion
Subtitling videos

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Our Pricing

Our marketing goal is simple – plan, analyze, execute, convert and measure dynamic campaigns that generate leads and build loyalty.

  • 200 min Credits
  • 1 Seat
  • Generic models
  • 1000 min Credits
  • 1 Seat
  • Base + Unlimited Custom modelsA/B
  • 2000 min Credits
  • 5 Seat
  • Pro + Collaboration features

Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure with is a fully secure service. All your data sent between your device and the service is end to end encrypted. The service is completely automated with no manual intervention anywhere. We ensure that no human can access or transfer your data onto other systems.

What happens to my files after I delete them?

You can permanently remove the imported audio / video files along with their transcripts from our Service. Once you delete the files you uploaded, please note that there’s no recovering them back.

What are custom models?

 The generic models whether used by us or by any other service suffer on quality when run on long tail accents. Merely trying to address them with domain specific model does not solve the problem. This is why we encourage you to create Custom models for the audios by providing annotated data.

How to create a custom model?

 You can easily have custom models generated for your voice. Broadly, you will be asked to speak out loud the readouts shown to you. This voice will be captured by the page and further used as annotation data to train the custom model.

Can I provide my own annotated audio – text files?

 No, we don’t support that yet.

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