Transcribe Zoom Recordings

Get the most accurate automated transcription of your zoom meetings with Bhasa’s Zoom plugin!

Meetings and Conference Calls

For The Most Accurate
Zoom Recording Transcript

Use Bhasa to effortlessly transcribe even noisy Zoom meetings!

Beyond Noise

Be it Youtube, Vimeo or just content on your own site, using Closed Captions for videos is a great way to broaden the appeal of your content.

Search easily

Meetings oticed this, time and again. Closed captions spikes up the engagement duration, by upto 100%!

Notes & Audio sync

Bhasa preserves the sync between themeeting recordings and the corresponding transcription so that you can always refer to them in sync!

How To Transcribe Zoom Metings

Bhasa brings you the most powerful transcription AI engine to document your meetings!


Upload your meeting's audio/video in mp4 or wav formats. You can also use Youtube links.


Bhasa automatically transcribes your meeting after stripping out the speech from the media.


Edit the transcript with an easy to use editor. Helps preserve the timestamps while making corrections.


When done with corrections, Download the text in the formats of your choice for documentation.

Get Bhasa for your Zoom Recording Transcription needs!

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Zoom is the favourite goto team collaboration tool in the post pandaemic work setup. A Zoom meetings transcript generator takes your Zoom meeting recordings as input and converts your conversations into text. 

Bhasa can help generate the transcript for your Zoom meeting conversations automatically. Bhasa’s Zoom plugin can help simplify your efforts to document your meetings. Whether it’s a one on one conversation or a group meeting, the generated transcripts have industry leading accuracy levels of 90% – 95% across accents!

Accuracy of transcription suffering due to multiple people talking over each other is a thing of the past. Bhasa’s industry leading pre-processing can isolate the individual speaker’s voice and transcribe accurately even if people are talking over each other!

Get Bhasa for your Zoom Recording Transcription needs!

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