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Captioning and Subtitling Videos

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Video Transcript Generator

Use Bhasa to transcribe video to text. Generate Closed Captions to broaden your reach.

Closed Captions

Closed Captions for your Youtube videos is a great way to broaden the appeal and reach of your content to a global audience.

More Engagement

Scores of content creators have noticed this, time and again. Closed captions spikes up the engagement duration, by upto 100%!

Better Video SEO

Accurate Captions are fantastic way to improve your video SEO. You stand the chance to get listed for keywords in your video, not just the tags!

How To Transcribe Youtube Video To Text

Bhasa brings you the most powerful transcription AI engine to convert your
audio content into text.


Create a new transcription job by directly using the Youtube link that you want transcribed.


Bhasa automatically transcribes your video into text after stripping out the speech from the video.


Edit the transcript with an easy to use editor. Helps preserve the timestamps while making corrections.


When done with corrections, Download the text in the formats of your choice to use as captions.

Get Bhasa for your Youtube Video To Text needs!

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Question

A Youtube video to text converter takes a Youtube video link as input, strips out the speech data from it and converts the speech into text. Such a tool is widely used by Academicians, Journalists, Youtubers and others to create captions and also to reurpose their content into textual blogs.

Bhasa can help generate the transcript for your Youtube videos in matter of a few clicks. The video gets automatically downloaded from Youtube using the link you provide and then converted to text. The generated transcripts have industry leading accuracy levels of 90% – 95% across accents!

The speed of downloading the Youtube videos is throttled by Youtube and so dependent on external factors as such. But on most good days, you should have the Youtube API deliver the video in seconds, so the overall transcription should happen rapidly.

Get Bhasa for your Youtube Video To Text needs!

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