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Convert audio and video files into text quickly, easily, and with impressive accuracy.


Easy to Use Audio and Video to Text Converter

Bhasa Uses the Latest in Transcription Technology That Transcribes Audio to Text Quickly and Easily.

Transcribe from Various Formats

With Bhasa, you can transcribe mp3 to text and transcribe from other formats, including YouTube links and mp4. This means that you have greater flexibility and can convert video to text or convert audio to text for more high-quality content for your audience

Transcribes from Numerous Languages and Accents

Bhasa is a powerful audio and video to transcript converter that understands various languages and accents. Not only can Bhasa auto detect each speaker’s accent, but the platform can also create transcriptions for multilingual discussions.

Saves Time

As a cutting edge audio and video transcript generator, Bhasa will do the hard work for you, and in a fraction of the time it would take manually. With transcriptions created in under 30 seconds for paid subscribers, you have more time to focus on other important tasks.

Costs Less Than Human Transcriptions

Human video or audio file transcription can be expensive and time-consuming. However, Bhasa can do the same job at just a fraction of the cost and with impressive accuracy. Bhasa also means no more waiting on long lead times for your transcriptions to be ready.

Ideal for Various Transcription Needs

Bhasa is an Ideal Solution for A Range of Transcription Needs, Enhancing and Streamlining Your Business or Personal Projects

Interviews and Podcasts

Interviews & Podcasts

Interviews and podcasts will be packed full of useful information for their audience. With Bhasa, you can create easy to follow audio file transcriptions that you or your audience can use for research, reference, or just for pleasure.

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Captioning and Subtitling Videos

Captioning & Subtitling Videos

Videos can offer so much more to your audience if they have captions or subtitles. Bhasa’s powerful video to text converter algorithms will create accurate captions and subtitles so your audience can get the full benefit from your video content.

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Dictation is one of the most effective ways of registering your thoughts and ideas on a topic. With Bhasa, you can easily convert your voice recordings to text on a computer, giving you the freedom to document your thoughts as you want.

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Meetings and Conference Calls

Meetings & Conference Calls

With Bhasa, you can easily convert audio to text from meetings and conference calls. This feature makes Bhasa a powerful tool for anybody who needs professional, comprehensive transcriptions created from audio files.

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Let Bhasa Enhance Your Transcriptions

Packed with Useful Features

Bhasa Is Packed with Features That Help You Get More from Your Transcriptions

  • Easy to Organize Transcriptions

    Bhasa makes it easy for you to organize your transcriptions and other files. The easy organization makes the tool ideal for managing many files, improving convenience, saving time, and reducing errors.

  • Filter out Background Noise

    Audio and video files will often come with background noise that could affect the quality of a transcription. However, Bhasa's advanced audio file transcription algorithms will filter out background noise to create clear and easy to read text.

  • Powerful Editing Features

    Bhasa’s powerful editing tools include audio playback that synchronises with your transcription, and a function that highlights words not in the dictionary. These features make it easier to create quality transcriptions that add value to your content.

  • Use Fine Tuned Transcription Models

    Bhasa lets you fine-tune video and audio file transcription models to your individual needs. The feature means you get more accurate transcriptions even when a lot of technical jargon is used.

Let Bhasa Enhance Your Transcriptions